Conferences - Friday, March 23 - Celebration of Learning

We are using the Online Conference Manager again to book your time for our Celebration of Learning Conferences, available at


Most families set up an account in November, but if this is your first time using the Walker School Conference Manager you will be required to register and create a parent account, which only takes a minute or two. (IF you need assistance, see the specific Instructions sent home on Tuesday with your youngest child at Walker) You can continue to use this same account for the duration of the time you have children in the school, so please record your password where you can reference it later.


*** For this conference time, please book the same hour for all of your children as you will spend about 15-20 minutes in each classroom during that hour. IF you have more than three children, you will want to book into a second hour for fourth and subsequent children. ***


Booking opens March 8 @ 7 AM and closes on March 19 @ 11 PM