Band Information-June 2018



CONGRATULATIONS to the Grade 6,7, 8 and jazz band students on a very successful year! We just finished our tours and concerts- the Grade 6 band performed at Rosemont and the Grade 7/8 band and jazz band performed at McLurg and Walker School, as well as in Saskatoon at the University. The performances had an amazing response and students represented their schools wonderfully!

REGISTRATION FORMS FOR NEXT YEAR: A reminder to all of our grade 6 and 7 students that their registration forms are due no later than June 15th!

GRADE 5 STUDENTS: We will be coming around in June to start the process of recruitment for our next batch of young musicians! We’ll be speaking to grade 5 students about band and will get registration forms and all other information to them when we visit their classrooms.

FINAL CONCERT: Thank you to all who attended our final concert and contributed to the bake sale. We have a generous community!

RETURNING INSTRUMENTS: Anyone who is using school owned instruments in Grade 6,7/8 can leave their instruments at their schools for the band teachers if they still have not turned them in. We take them in for cleaning and repair over the summer. Students will be assigned the same instruments again in the fall.

BAND CAMPS: We will be handing out band camp brochures/registration forms for the various band/jazz band camps this summer. This is a wonderful opportunity to continue your skills over the summer. If your child wishes to attend, please make sure they receive a registration form from us.


Mrs. Strykiwsky, Ms. Stetner, Mr. Powley