Back To School

Here we go, Wolfpack! It's time for some face-to-face learning in a super safe environment! We've been working hard to ensure that everyone in our school can stay healthy and keep others healthy! Please remember to bring your mask to school and that all grade 4 - 8s MUST wear a mask when they are not able to be 6 feet apart from other students in their cohort. We really hope that our littles will wear masks as well, just to keep everyone as safe as possible. Also bring a full water bottle. Our fountains are turned off and we haven't got our water bottle filling station yet. Don't forget your lunch if you are staying, but if you are able to go home for lunch, please do! Also remember your back pack, school supplies and indoor shoes! It is also super duper important to LABEL ALL OF YOUR BELONGINGS (including your clothes, especially those that can be taken off when it gets warm - l like bunny hugs, sweatshirts, light jackets, shoes, etc...). All phys. ed classes will be outside so don't forget the proper clothing for cooler weather! And remember, school starts at 9:08 - please come as close to the bell as you can! We are done at 3:22 and it will be time to go home! 

We are really excited to see you all!! It will be air hugs all around!