Congratulations to November's Circle of Courage Award winners!

Red Cross Presents Travis Price and the "Imagine No Bullying" Campaign

Students in Grades 5-8 enjoyed Travis' presentation where he shared his personal story of bullying and how he chose to not be a bystander when he witnessed bullying that led to the creation of Pink Day. "I am only one but still I am one. I cannot do everythingbut I can do something."

Speak to your son or daughter about this powerful message.

Did you see your Conference Invitation?

Hello families... you should have received your conference time(s) for either Thursday afterschool or Friday morning. If not, please call the school. Personal Social Growth Rubrics were sent home on Monday for your review. This is the focus of the Conference.

A special message...

Ms. Houk,

I recently had occasion to return to the Regina area for a family visit and took a few minutes to walk around the grounds and local area surrounding Walker Elementary School. Being a Saturday the building was closed but I was still afforded the chance to peer inside the classroom windows.

It's hard to describe the flood of great memories that came rushing to the forefront as I was carried back to the early sixties when I attended Mrs. Cox's class and played with my pals on the swings during recess and lunchtime. I can still remember the smell of the "Plasticene" she would give us to use as modeling clay.

Walker helped provide the foundation upon which I built a very successful career in the oil and gas industry as well as a well grounded life in general.

I have long since retired and now spend my time between Florida, Hawaii and Calgary however I though I would take a moment to let you know how much positive impact that little school had on me and, I suspect, many of my classmates who I have lost touch with.

All the best to you and the wonderful place we call "Walker".

Gene Moody

Port St. Lucie,Florida


Walker School Remembers...

We had a beautiful ceremony on Wednesday morning to honor those who fought for the freedom we have today as proud Canadians!

We are SO proud of these exemplary Walker students who model generosity, belonging, mastery and/or independence each day!

Grade 4-8 Participate in "Our School" Survey

Once again, students in grades 4-8 will individually participate in an online survey. It allows students to give their input into school improvement in an anonymous way. The survey will be facilitated by Ms. Eberle, our teacher librarian on Wednesday, October 26. Each student receives an anonymous username and password. Most of the questions offer choices and there are a few open ended questions. The survey asks questions in the areas of emotional health, physical fitness and classroom instruction.

Last year, the results were reviewed with staff. We understood our students and their needs better. Mrs. Houk also shared the results with at our School Community Council meeting.


Thank you families!

We had a great turnout for Going Bananas for Books on Friday morning. Reading every day with your children is an important part of their literacy development and it helps build confidence within your child.