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How do I help my child build independence so he/she is ready to thrive in the classroom?

Children feel a great sense of pride when they have self-help skills. These skills build confidence and self-esteem and set your child up for success. With classrooms full of young children, your child will be expected to do many things on their own. Here is how you can help…

Give choices when appropriate. “Would you like an apple or a banana for snack?” “Do you want to play on the swings or the play structure?” “Would you like to wear the blue pants or the green ones?” This helps build decision making skills.

Have your child help pack their lunch and their back pack for school on their own. Prompt him/her with anything that was forgotten instead of doing it for him or her.

Have your child put on his or her own clothes, including coats and shoes. (Choose closures that are age appropriate to buckle/zip/tie to be able to build self-esteem.)

Have your child complete simple chores at home. Learning to clean up toys and books, putting laundry away and setting and clearing the table all help build independence.

Have your child use the washroom on his/her own and be able to wash their hands well on their own.

Help your child learn to complete work on his or her own like a simple puzzle.